Welcome back to JD’s Comedy Cafe! My & my wife went to such a funny movie and had a great time!  So at about 5:00 I was getting very bored and wanted to do something with my life.  Movies are the easiest way to feel like your going out on a date, when in fact you’re really just sitting in a different place watching TV.

So I got on my computer and started looking for recent movies that came out.  Their was Nine Lives which we had seen, and some other action movies.

I’m a Comedy type of guy, so I want to go for comedy.  I checked out sausage party where the commercial was so funny I was just excited to go buy my tickets.  I checked on that site called Rotten Tomatoes.  They gave it an %82 which is absolutely amazing considering Rotten Tomatoes has a past of making very harsh reviews.

We decided to go and wow was it a good idea because once we got their they were having problems with the ticket dispenser and had to give us two Sausage Parties to any seat that wasn’t taken.  Their was not so much people in the theater because first off it’s a very quiet theater & second the movie came out last week so it’s as bad as I would of thought.

So for my food selection I got a small popcorn covered in this kind of oily butter they have over there in a little dispenser.  This also came along with a Large COKE ICEE.

Ugh was it so good, we came 5 minutes early and I was already %75 done with my popcorn by the time the movie started.  I loved the beginning very much because the setting is so perfect.


Sausage party begins with a sausage that wants to go to the “great beyond” a place where no one knows what happens.  The great beyond is referred to as being purchased by a “God” and sent out the door in their cart.

The movie is about them finding out how they’re just food for humans, although the main sausage does not do the best job of explaining it.  After some times and little side stories they all end up believing him but it all goes south when his loved one “A hot dog bun” gets captured by a human.  This is where it gets crazy because the food start to attack the humans in the craziest way possible.  They begin by shooting the humans with toothpick dipped in bath salt.  The bath salt apparently makes the “Gods” understand and see the humans.  This was the best time for the food to start a war, lock the doors, and mess up every single human. Bad.

Overall I had a great time with my wife & I can’t wait to go to a movie again!

Party Party

Yesterday my friends got married and it was absolutely great, the food, the music, everything.  So my wife & I decided to get a new dress and suit since we’re getting old we can spend money on things that don’t matter.  Says her.

We ended up going to Macy’s and I got a nice suit, some socks, and a new pair of dress shoes, all black.  She get a very nice blue dress with jewels along the side, I helped her pick it out.  She ended up very happy with the dress and was very excited to wear it to the party.  The whole way driving back from Macy’s she had a huge smile on her face since I bought her a $350 dress.

So we got home and started to get ready for the wedding she was so excited for.  As usual I was ready by 8:00 and we were planning to leave around 8:00 however… my wife was still in her robe putting on makeup.  Wow was I made because what is the point of taking so long to get ready if you wont even have a chance to make it to the party.  So by 8:20 we were out of the house, it wasn’t so bad.  My friends wanted to have a late night wedding along with a dance party so it’s a bit late.  The whole time there I was hoping they would have some kind of meal set up but I think appetizers will do just fine.

When we get there we had the chance of seeing the groom, one of my good friends, and we said Hi.  We go inside and YES! there are APPETIZERS!  So I spend the rest of my time in the waiting room when the appetizers start to run out they start the ceremony.

Everyone knows how these things go, will you take the bride to be your, blah blah blah, blah blah blah.  So fast forward to the dinner party which is one of the best parties I’ve been to in awhile.  First they had us get on the dance floor & I mean everyone!  The DJ company producing the wedding was very professional and I was impressed so I grabbed their card.

I drank way too much, so did my wife, and we danced so hard it was like I was 18 again.   Finally it was time for Dinner and so they sat everyone down for the most boring part, speeches.  Usually I don’t like speeches because people always make them boring & repetitive.  Most speeches just congratulate everyone in the room but have no real meaning.  However these speeches were funny and unique, probably the reason they’re my friends, so I had a good time with that.

For Dinner it was pasta, bread, salad, prime rib, & chicken.  It was so amazing and great I have to congratulate the catering service for doing such an amazing job.  The pasta was perfectly cooked it had a hard shell with a soft inside along with amazing pesto sauce.  This was the best pesto sauce I’ve had since I was in France.

Then it was all over, at 2:00 they kicked everyone out because of venue rules.  I said goodbye to the wife & groom while congratulating them for their amazing ceremony.  My wife & I then proceeded home talking about how we liked the wedding so much.

I thank everyone for your time and I hope you enjoyed reading about the fun I had.

Cat Movies

Yesterday was a good day, and I expect the same for today.  Last night me & my wife decided to go to a movie called Nine lives.  Cat movies are her fave, I mean she seriously will spend hours and hours on the internet watching cat videos.  I love this about her though, anyway we got to the movies and it was pretty empty in the theater.  It was sort of a kids movie and I tend to really not like kids movies simply because it is just to silly and ridiculous for me.


Yeah it might be kinda surprising considering a comedian doesn’t like silly and ridiculous but I want ya’ll to know that only serious jokes can get me off.  Serious jokes are the only kind of jokes that make me laugh whilst watching a movie.  Although people can be acting silly while telling the joke and still do it perfectly, it’s not likely. So, by the end of the movie I was tired of all the bad laughs, and was only in there for my wife.  The moral of the story however was actually fantastic, I didn’t like the ending though, also too silly.

How to ruin my Joke


Hey everyone, welcome back to JD’s Comedy Cafe.  Sometimes I’m at dinner with family friends, or just at any kind of social gathering, and usually end telling some jokes.  I’m going to list the kinds of people that ruin jokes and what their behavior is.  Here’s a list of how to ruin to joke for the teller, everyone else, and yourself.

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Control Freaks

Hey everyone! welcome back to another blog at the JD’s (me) Comedy Cafe.  Yesterday I went to the movie theaters to see a new movie called NERVE.  I had no idea that afternoon that I was seeing a movie it was just something that I had to do.  My girlfriend, Lara, makes me do things that I don’t want to all the time, I guess you can call it being in a relationship.  Which I do not recommend.Toyogeki-Movie_Toyooka002

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 I woke up like any normal day and put on my suit to get ready for work.  My wife was in bed she looked so peaceful sleeping.  It made me so jealous because I did not get any sleep last night because my wife & I went crazy in bed.  So I’m sitting there in my suit and I guess I just gave up because  I stood up right there  and started to take off my suit and continued to do so and got in bed.  My wife, Lara, just looked at me and was sorta mad because she takes work very seriously.  Even though she doesn’t even have work today, or ever.  After only two seconds did she get happy that I was staying the day and we could do whatever.  We decided to go to the venice boardwalk which is what I will be mainly talking about today. Read more “DogTown”


Wow. Today was the most frustrating day I’ve had in a very long time.  So, as you all don’t know I work at an insurance company and you will learn that my day was saved by something you’ll never think of.  Something I wish I never had to think of either but they dis save my day. Ok so what was it?  A damn Tow Truck, Yes I know, a Tow Truck.  Anyway, I had an appointment with one of my newest clients at 8:00 this morning.  So I wake up in the morning, naturally.. With no help.  Now at first I thought it was a good thing but I took a glance at the alarm clock that was blinking a 12:00.  Someone either unplugged my clock or the electricity company is getting another hand written complaint from me.  So I go over to my phone & yeah to not my surprise It’s 9:47 I was late for my appointment and had so many missed calls I wanted to bury my head in the pillow.  But I’m a man. So I grew a pair and faced life.  I speak to my client and it turns out he’s okay with meeting at 10:30.  Read more “Saved”



How’s everyones week going so far? Mines been pretty good.  Yesterday I hit a Comedy Club called the iO West Theater.  I had never been there before last night so I knew going in that I was going to be writing the first JD’s Comedy Cafe Review.  I will be reviewing Comedy Clubs that I go to across Los Angeles.  First off I want to thank iO West Theater for having my horrible company last night.  So here it goes.  I went with my wife last night for no celebratory reason.  It was just to have some fun. Read more “Hangover”